We are a hygiene solutions sector of Surface Finishing UK Ltd providing support and products into industrial, commercial and domestic clients. Through our research and development team we identified the need for an antimicrobial surface protection that will be long lasting and effective in preventing the growth of bacteria, fungus and moulds. We identified Biomaster as a industry leading additive supplier, their "Silver Ion" technology is unsurpassable and the support / products they offer is a perfect fit with us.


We add Biomaster into our base product to produce SURFACE13®, this then produces an ISO accredited multi-purpose Antimicrobial hygiene paint system. For a better understanding of the performance please see the video link. As Biomaster additive is invisible we also add a tracer element that is detected in the cured coat with the use of a laser. The laser shows the additive as a greenie / blue light, as long as the additive is present then by association the antimicrobial is also present.



Working with Biomaster we have produced our own paint available in a clear topcoat. The additive is suspended within the coating and is non-leaching, this means the additive is active during the life of the coating. SURFACE13™ stops bacteria, mould and fungus from reproducing and then they die. Tied into a regular cleaning process the antimicrobial properties enhance the hygiene level on surfaces.



SURFACE13 has been developed to be able to be applied by spray application using traditional industrial air / non air fed systems, portable handheld airless sprayers and aerosol. It can also be applied using hand application i.e paint roller and brush dependent on the requirements.


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