Surface Finishing UK Ltd is a specialist coating supplier and applicator able to supply standard and specialist surface finishings. Founded in 2020 Surface Finishing UK Ltd started life as Rapid Colour Home Improvements in 2009 supplying colour coatings to the ever-changing window replacement industry. During the last 11 years the demand for different coatings and improved methods of application, coupled with a more diverse range of industries, has increased our involvement with coating research and development. During 2019 it became apparent Rapid Colour Home Improvements needed to redefine its internal working to adapt to the changing markets and our ability to advise our clients and supply more specialist coatings. Planned to restructure the company during Q4 of 2020 however Covid 19 had other plans.

We closed our factory at the start of lockdown and took the time to fully restructure and rebrand the company. Surface Finishing UK Ltd has structured around three sectors, Surface Hygiene, Surface Finish, Surface Rapid Colour. Please get in touch to learn more about our team, our company and for details about the services we provide.

Tony Hudson

Owner and Managing Director


I have worked in the coating and finishing industry for circa 30 years, the last 12 years building and growing my own company. I have always strived to provide the perfect client experience and solutions to clients problems / projects. The wealth of knowledge I have gained through working with industry leading companies, has enabled my ability to drive research and development (R&D) projects. Surface Finishing UK Ltd has evolved through working to provide our clients with a total solution to their coating needs. From selecting the correct coating through R&D to supplying the finished product / service.